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Training + Support
Franchisee Training

Training starts at our Eggsmart® Support Centre in Toronto, Ontario for new franchisee training, as well as an Eggsmart designated restaurant. Each new franchisee is required to attend a training course four weeks.

This comprehensive course combines both hands-on instruction and on-the-job training for approximately 50 hours per week. The course covers basic principles of management, food preparation, customer service and other details vital to the success of your new business.

Our Support Team

You will get the chance to meet with your support team, the director of operations & other key staff members. This meeting will allow our operations staff to get to know more about you and will give you further insight into our “day to day” operations and the level of expertise we provide to our franchisees.

Countdown to Opening & Grand Opening Support

After you have successfully completed the training program, you will be working with your business development manager (BDM) to plan your restaurant opening. Your BDM will work with you to train you and your key employees, and to assist you in the first days following restaurant opening.

The Eggsmart Marketing Department will work with you to implement a Grand Opening campaign, including advertising materials and promotions, designed to create brand awareness and generate customer orders to your new restaurant.

Growing Your Business

Opening your Eggsmart restaurant is only the first step. Our goal is to help your business grow to become the leading breakfast, brunch, and lunch business in your market. We offer continued support after opening to all our franchisees through coaching and consulting.

Coaching & Consulting

You will receive a comprehensive, confidential Eggsmart Operations Manual covering the important facets of your restaurant’s operation. You will also receive ongoing advice and guidance from your BDM. Your BDM is carefully selected to ensure that they have a high level of knowledge, skill and practical experience, which is often gained within our own franchise system. By staying in close contact, we can better understand the strengths of your business and how to best assist you. We be will there to help your business improve and grow. As a franchisee, you will have a wide variety of resources available to you in all areas of your operation, and your BDM will offer you consultation and training in:

  • Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Maintaining Sufficient Staff Levels
  • Business Planning, Projecting and Budgeting
  • Maximizing Financial Performance
  • Cost Controls
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Customer and Community Relations
  • Maintaining High Operational Standards for Focusing on Quality, Service,
    Cleanliness & Value
  • Safety and Security
  • Food Management and Sanitation

In addition, the Eggsmart® National Office maintains skilled personnel to ensure efficient administration and program coordination. Regardless of the level of industry experience you may have, we will provide you with the guidance and training needed to efficiently manage your business.